Confusion Over Response Location May Have Contributed Woman’s Death

February 9, 2012

Confusion over what location police should report to may have played a part in a woman’s death Monday afternoon. According to reports from Channel 14 News, officers responding to 911 calls went to another location by the same name as the woman’s car burned, causing her to die of smoke inhalation.

The confusion stems from two different Fickas Roads on the outskirts of Evansville, Indiana. One of the Roads is just north of Highway 164, while the other is off a gravel road near of field south of 164.

Neighbors reported the burning vehicle to 911 at around 12:32 in the afternoon, but units responded to the wrong location. It wasn’t until nearly a half hour later that rescue crews arrived at the scene of the burning car. By that time it was engulfed in flames and the 73-year-old driver was dead. It was determined that the woman died of smoke inhalation.

Had units arrived sooner, there is a good possibility the woman’s life could have been saved.

The confusion was only complicated by a recent change of jurisdiction over the area where the accident occurred that could have led to firefighters with the Evansville Fire Department being unfamiliar with the area.

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