How Does Our Veterans Disabilty Process Work?

Types of Veterans Disability Claims


Get Help From Our Veterans Disability Lawyers

When you hire Woods & Woods Veterans Disability Lawyers, you have a team of legal professionals fighting for you. Our VA Disability Lawyers work with doctors, psychologists, and vocational experts to prove your disabilities are service-connected. We gather all relevant medical evidence. Our legal team will comb through your C-File and private doctors records. Our lawyers have spent years studying and practicing VA law, we know what evidence the VA is looking for.


Help For Unemployed Disabled Veterans

Veterans that have trouble keeping or obtaining meaningful employment may be eligible for Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits. If you can’t work because of your service-connected disabilities, our Veterans Disability lawyers can help. Too many veterans are denied TDIU benefits. Other veterans are rated too-low to obtain TDIU benefits. Our Veterans Disability lawyers have helped numerous veterans obtain Individual Unemployability benefits. If you are having trouble working from service-connected disabilities, talk to us.


Getting The Veterans Disability Benefits You Deserve

Woods & Woods’ legal team will make sure you get all the compensation you deserve for your service-connected injuries. We review every clients effective dates, which is the date you should have started receiving disability payments. That money is called backpay and it can end up being a very significant amount. Too often the VA gives veterans the wrong effective dates; possibly robbing them of thousands of dollars.


Hiring Our Veterans Disability Lawyers

Trying to obtain Veterans Disability Benefits can be difficult to do on your own. Woods & Woods Veterans Disability Lawyers are here to help. We know the VA system and we know how to get disabled veterans the benefits they deserve. Some veterans are receiving over $2,900 a month. Our Veterans Disability Benefits fight tough for disabled veterans. You served this country honorably and it should have kept its promises to you. When you hire Woods & Woods, we make the VA keep its promises to you. We will fight to get you the monthly compensation you deserve.

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